Getting Started

So you want to work from home? Get started!

Fill Out Application

Take Typing Test

*When your typing test ends, do not close out of the results.  Take a screenshot first.  This will be submitted with your application.*

Once you’ve completed the above steps, you can move on to registering!

Congratulations!  You’ve made it!  Now that you’ve completed your application and typing test there’s just a few more steps to go! 

Here’s the process of joining our team:

1. Login to your Arise account – if you have not already created an account, please do so here and enter our CSP ID# 980140 in the referral area (See Below Photo).

2.  You will choose Join a call center on the Arise Platform.  See Photo Below:

3.   You will enter the information by searching for our IBO# 85370 (Entering the name will not yield results).  You’ll need to fill out the Non-Disclosure Agreement before you can enter this section. This is what your screen should look like once you’ve searched our IBO #.

3.  Send an email to  Emailing us will speed up the process of getting you accepted. Sometimes the portal does not immediately alert us when a new CSP has registered.  Once we have accepted you in the system, you’ll need to fill out two forms inside the portal.  Then you will be finalized and a member of our team!!

4. Choose a client, take the necessary assessments, pay for your course, complete the client certification course and begin to service your client.

Each client charges a certification class fee that is paid directly through Arise. This is considered your training and is an investment to your business.   While in certification class, you will not be compensated by Sweet Southern Communications LLC or Arise.   The fees for each class can be between $20 and $200.  Per Arise, you are able to work for up to 2 clients at a time as long as the required work hours per week are fulfilled.